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Try out the new TOUR international App with the latest in road bike tests, reviews and articles. TOUR international is from TOUR, Europe’s No. 1 road bike magazine, published in Germany. Our large staff of editors is well known in the industry for being meticulous and exact, independent and fair. But until now, you could only get TOUR in German.

Not any more! Published online in English four times a year, TOUR international is aimed at an international audience. We offer in-depth road bike testing and reviews that you can’t get anyplace else. We do lab tests, riding comparisons and extensive wind tunnel tests. Our reviews are accurate, detailed and we don’t pull any punches; if there’s a problem with a bike or a component, we’ll let you know.

You can now receive the essence of TOUR, including all our major tests, on your iPad. The App itself is free, you simply pay for each issue of TOUR international that you choose to download.

Optional Subscriptions are available:
3 Months 6,99 Euro
6 Months 13,99 Euro
1 Year 26,99 Euro





对于中国读者来说这是能够找到的最号最权威的自行车杂志,非常专业,值得拥有!This is best magazine about bicycles for Chinese readers!