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The World's First Mobile Knee Registry!!

Digitally record your Arthroplasty Cases in 3 Mins!!

The ''KNEE REGISTRY'' mobile app is a combined Patient Records, Research Tool and Arthroplasty Registry

Best Features: Simple record sheets, Digital Goniometer, Angle Measure tool, Knee society score, Knee function Score and Instant Statistical Graphs all wrapped in a beautiful visual interface which can be shared with your Patients, National Registries or Databases.

App is developed by Dr Ashok Shyam and Indian Orthopaedic Research Group. More Details on

First time ever an iOS App to serve as personal record of Arthroplasty cases. 'Knee Registry' is the First of its kind app, build keeping in mind time constraints of busy clinical practice balanced with essential records of the patients. An excellent research tool to collect, store and retrieve data for total knee replacement surgeries.

Made in most Simplistic manner but with robust design for collecting and saving data. Based on the major registries of the world this application is easy-to-use with build in Knee Society Score and Function Score. The app is made after much deliberation from the research point of view. It can keep a detailed record of patients with facility to tag radiographs and clinical photographs. The records can be mailed to the surgeons, patients or to ‘Joint Registry’ directly from the phone itself. Regular backing up of the data needs to be done manually to laptops or to your emails (Google drive can be used in sync with the app).

The App allows collecting data at different intervals including preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative patient visits. Multiple visits can be recorded which then automatically sync under the patients virtual folder. X rays and clinical photos can be attached to the patient profile from the phone picture library to create a complete record of the patient.

The app includes features like

A virtual Goniometer based on the accelometer